We’ll manage your break room, because you have more important thinks to worry than your break area needs. Our vending machines have the capabilities to inform us what needs to be restocked in your machine so there is no time wasted and you employees don’t go hungry. Browse our services and products today!


We offer a variety of different wholesale products from concession snacks to catering supplies to tableware. If it’s just a few items you need or a larger order for your company, team events, or personal satisfaction, we make it easy to shop our wholesale division. Contact us for a quote!


Our office coffee and tea service is growing significantly due to our customers that have a passion for quality beverage taste and service. We know that coffee tastes vary, so we make sure that you are satisfied with your coffee selection. If not, we can easily change out your coffee selection and check water lines to ensure the best taste in every cup.


In 1910 Carl Krodel started Krodel Wholesale, a business that specialized in buying products like candy and tobacco, and reselling them to retail stores. Carl then sold the business to two of his sons, Rich and Ray “Dayme” Krodel in 1958, where the vending business was established. Over time, vending steadily grew to be a bigger portion of the business due to cigarette companies beginning to sell their products in vending machines.

When the business was taken over by Ray Krodel’s daughter Janet Smith, she wanted out of the cigarette business, which led to the company splitting into two separate entities. Janet kept the vending machine portion of the business. Today, Janet’s son Dan Smith has brought both the business back together and owns both the vending and wholesale business under Krodel Inc.



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