Krodel, Inc. is a family-owned wholesale and vending business located in Jasper, Indiana. Originally founded to serve the local market, Krodel has been in business for over 100 years and now serves office, manufacturing, and service industries in southern Indiana areas.


Carl Krodel

Krodel Wholesale Founder

Carl Krodel started Krodel Wholesale in 1910, as a business that specialized in buying products like candy and reselling them to retail stores.


Ray “Dayme” Krodel

Krodel Vending Founder

Ray “Dayme” Krodel & his brother Rich, bought the company from their father in 1958 where they started the vending business.


Janet Smith

Previous Owner

Janet Smith took over the company from her father, Ray Krodel in 1979.  The Krodel Wholesale and Vending business broke off into two separate companies and Janet kept the vending machine portion, which no longer sold wholesale products.


Dan Smith

Current Owner

Dan Smith took over the vending business from his mother, Janet Smith in 1994. Sixteen years later Krodel Wholesale & Krodel Vending Services remain two separate entities under a fourth generation owner and were reunited by the company’s 100 year anniversary.


From Vending Machines, Food and Beverage Services to Wholesale Paper, Cleaning, Food, Candy and Tobacco Supplies we deliver to your employees and customers throughout your workplace, institution, concession stands, and mom & pop shops.

We are inspired every day in finding solutions for your employees and customers desires by providing you with a variety of products that will keep your business and events running smoothly. We make sure you have what you need, when you need it!